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Who We Are

WorkingWell Daily is a company committed to addressing work-life alignment and mental wellness. The mission is to help individuals and organizations decrease symptoms of stress and burnout, elevate their emotional intelligence, and improve morale by implementing strategies to create a healthier work culture. Because we spend most of our daily lives at work; why not work well daily?

About Our Founder

Farah Harris, MA, LCPC is a psychotherapist, certified neuroscience coach and Workplace Wellness Champion dedicated to disrupting toxic work environments.  Farah is a sought after expert on topics related to mental health, workplace culture, and self-care.



Your company’s leaders require expert guidance to help create a psychologically safe and equitable workplace. Achieving holistic equity requires an intentional and collaborative approach. We will work on strategies to help improve employee morale and production while growing awareness within executive leadership.


Engaging, solution-focused and inspiring. Each presentation is customized to address the specific needs of the organization. Available for hourly workshops, seminars, keynotes, panels, fireside chats. For corporations, universities and colleges, Not-for-profits, and conferences.



Sometimes we need a little encouragement and direction. Whether individually or as a team, we will work together to strategically address professional and personal challenges that affect your productivity and well-being. Effective communication, boundary setting, and mindset work are just a few areas we can help develop. Let’s work to create your life by design.

What People Are Saying

Z. Yafai, Global Director, Talent Acquisition at Cisco Meraki

“Farah helped my team and I in ways we didn’t even know we needed. She was thoughtful in her approach and made us feels so comfortable as we walked through rituals and tools we can use to better support ourselves as leaders as well as the teams we lead. She drives such a relevant and much needed conversation around self care, impact and purpose that I’m still benefitting from many months later. If you or your team need a collective deep breath, talk to Farah.”

E. Morrison, VP Diversity & Belonging, Live Nation Entertainment

Farah’s workshop on Emotional Intelligence for Black employees was highly effective and thought provoking. She led with a dynamic presentation style and humor to deliver easy to understand explanations and insights to both the neurology of emotional intelligence and actions to take to manage one’s emotions and reactive behavioral responses. I highly recommend her as a skilled facilitator and engaging expert.

L. Krause, Innovation Brand Lead, Ferrara USA

I was very impressed by Farah’s deftness in bringing a lens to the inequities faced by minority communities in the holistic wellness space, while also providing an understanding of what wellness actually IS. She was instrumental in starting the conversation around mental health and the inherent racial biases present within the workplace, which in turn will help this very poignant workshop become a meaningful movement within our organization.

NOAA Training Attendee

Thank you, Farah for your presentation to NOAA! The content is incredibly timely as we all work better to build up our emotional skills in our virtual environment. Your presentation style was engaging and fun! Not an easy lift over webinar 🙂 particularly liked that you provided specific EQ exercises that we can use to practice what we discussed. I’m looking forward to sharing with my team

K. McLarty, Sr. Human Resource Consultant, CIBC Bank

“This was honestly one of the best sessions I have ever attended in my professional career. Thank you for being so bold, authentic and empathetic. I will be sharing the playback link and reference materials with my business partners here for sure.”

C. Sanger, Managing Director, CIBC Bank US

This was the best employee resource group presentation I’ve attended.  I really enjoyed the format and how Farah level set that the conversation was for our Black team members and that the rest of us were invited to LISTEN until she addressed everyone in the meeting.  I’ve never experienced something like this and learned so much.  It was such a blessing to be part of such an honest vulnerable conversation.  I would love to see Farah lead a retreat like this for ExCo/OpCo/Management Committee members and all leaders of people.  I also think we as an organization need training or a retreat on unconscious bias.  Not an e-learning, but a real conversation like Farah’s today. This was absolutely awesome, thank you!!!”

A. Zoll, National Account Manager, Ferrara USA

Farah did an incredible job engaging with a diverse audience. Her presentation was engaging and had the audience consistently providing feedback. Would happily welcome Farah back with open arms!

J. Godwin, Director of Internal Communications, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration

“At NOAA’s Workplace Violence Prevention & Response program, we’re honored to have Farah Harris, MA, LCPC on our roster of dynamic trainers. Her sessions with us have hundreds of participants with all positive feedback themed on real-life application of her insights, tips, and ideas.”

V. Freeman, Managing Director, CIBC Bank US

“After weeks of feeling numb and a deep sadness, this dialogue saved me! Finally, someone was able to articulate how I’ve been feeling and how “we” got here! Farah was ABSOLUTELY amazing. The way she delivered the messages and explained how certain behaviors shows up in work place was so earth shattering! I hope we can find a way to bring Farah back. Two hours was just not enough and I don’t think enough people heard this message. Thank you Farah for creating a safe space for this courageous discussion.”

K.G, CFMA Chicago Training Attendee

“This topic above all is one of my favorites that I have attended. Emotional intelligence does not really get talked about in construction-therefore it was a way to bring attention to the way we react to situations. This was a great topic.  The speaker was phenomenal.”


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