The Color of Emotional Intelligence

The Color of Emotional Intelligence

It takes strength not to curse someone out when they’re being rude, or not to lose it when your child is being disobedient. It is also emotionally taxing to keep it all together when you are on the receiving end of a microaggression.

Each of these instances requires us to use our emotional intelligence (or EQ). And, while it is a basic skill, there are more shades to emotional intelligence than you might think. Emotional intelligence can also be used to break barriers to equity.

Grab your copy of my debut book, The Color of Emotional Intelligence: Elevating Our Self and Social Awareness to Address Inequities.

*Author copies are only available in the U.S.

About the Book

In The Color of Emotional Intelligence, psychotherapist and well-being expert Farah Harris uses personal stories, anecdotes, and insight to discuss:

  • The fundamentals of emotional intelligence and barriers to practicing EQ effectively
  • How emotional intelligence is used as a survival skill by marginalized people
  • Different types of stressors, including microaggressions, and resulting unhealthy defensive tactics, such as code-switching and masking
  • Self-care strategies for handling systemic stressors that affect people from marginalized groups
  • Tools everyone can use to elevate their emotional intelligence to address inequities and become better stewards of humanity

Don’t go through life seeing things in black and white. 
It’s time to see the world in color.

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What Experts Are Saying


“True growth requires us to ask new questions, consider new perspectives, and try new things. With relatable examples and a refreshing sense of humor, Farah guides us toward a greater degree of emotional intelligence and, on the way, challenges everything we think we know about this critical relationship skill.”

Tara Jaye Frank,
Author of The Waymakers: Clearing the Path to Workplace Equity with
Competence and Confidence, and C-Suite workplace consultant

What Experts Are Saying


“Profound. Thought provoking. Necessary. Farah Harris expertly illustrates how the power of emotional intelligence can protect us and how it can further connect us, if we choose. Focusing on the intersection of EQ and equity, Harris provides a unique and critical expansion on this practice that has been long dominated by White male researchers’ perspectives. She takes you on a transformational journey through worlds you may not see and helps you see your world differently. This is the EQ book I didn’t realize I was waiting for, and the one our cur-
rent world needs!”

Sarah Noll Wilson,
Executive Coach and Author of Don’t Feed the Elephants:
Overcoming the Art of Avoidance for Powerful Partnerships

What Experts Are Saying


“Farah has crafted a masterpiece on emotional intelligence, the layers of emotional intelligence, and its important nuances. Using personal narratives and pop culture anecdotes, Farah walks readers through a journey to understand how to strengthen their emotional intelligence. Farah has a vast amount of experience and expertise, but it feels like she’s speaking directly to the reader as a close friend. Anyone who wants to improve their relationships needs to pick up this book.”

Janice Gassam Asare,
Ph.D. DEI Consultant and Senior Contributing writer for Forbes

What Experts Are Saying


“Farah’s book is a refreshing and much-needed addition to the literature on emotional intelligence, providing practical and insightful advice on how to elevate our emotional intelligence as part of our personal development. It highlights the role that emotional intelligence plays in how we live, see ourselves, and interact with others, and it emphasizes the importance of courage, empathy, and effective communication beyond just interpersonal skills.

“I highly recommend The Color of Emotional Intelligence to anyone seeking to improve their emotional intelligence and overall well-being. Farah’s expertise, humility, and authenticity shine through every page, making this book a valuable and enjoyable read for anyone looking to grow in awareness and cultivate emotional intelligence in their personal and professional lives.”

Kwame Christian Esq., M.A.,
Founder and CEO of the American Negotiation Institute



What Experts Are Saying


“A brilliant balance between theory and practice, The Color of Emotional Intelligence: Elevating Our Self and Social Awareness to Address Inequities should be in everyone’s ‘doing life’ toolkit. Thirst-quenching and soul-edifying while also being practical and action-oriented, this is the comprehensive resource you never knew you always needed. Renowned expert Farah Harris has outdone herself. As she so rightly affirms, there is nothing soft about the skills we need to regulate our-
selves, to navigate our relationships and our world. . . and to address inequities. Emotional intelligence is a ‘strengths skill.’ This book explains why it matters.”

Theresa M. Robinson, DEI, Anti-Racism,
Well-Being Educator and ATD-certified Master Trainer

What Experts Are Saying


“Farah’s work offers a necessary perspective shift in emotional intelligence beyond the dominant White male perspective. Managing our emotions is a critical part of allyship. These proven strategies help people take real action towards positive change.”

Julie Kratz,
Author of Allyship in Action and DEI speaker

What Experts Are Saying


The Color of Emotional Intelligence was a life-changing read for me that should be required reading in every leadership development program. Farah gave one of the best explanations of EI, racism, and allyship/stewardship that I’ve seen, and illuminated how EI provides a tool for justice and healing. She transformed EI from a business buzzword into a tool that can be used, in her words, to ‘create a world where we all feel safe to be our best selves because we decided to show up as our best selves for others.’”

Teri Schmidt, Director & Leadership Coach,
Stronger to Serve Coaching & Teambuilding

What Experts Are Saying


“As a coach that works with people leaders, I tell my clients that
emotional intelligence is among the top skills required for next-level leadership. The Color of Emotional Intelligence does just that.

“Farah provides leaders with a blueprint for not just understanding themselves but also explains the experiences of those that face micro-(and macro-) aggressions daily. She reveals the challenges minoritized employees face and equips leaders with the tools needed to increase their EQ. This is a must-read for 21st-century inclusive leadership.”

Sacha Thompson, ACC,
Inclusive Culture Curator and Founder, The Equity Equation

What Experts Are Saying


“How can we lead inclusively using frameworks defined almost exclusively from the white male perspective? Long overdue, Farah Harris explores the critically important concept of emotional intelligence through an equity lens. It’s an important read for emerging leaders and seasoned executives alike.”

Dana Brownlee, Workplace Anti-Racism Thought Leader

What Experts Are Saying


“Farah Harris has produced a timely and compelling book that creates a window into what happens inside many organizations and companies while also providing practical skills to understand and enhance emotional intelligence skills for leaders. Given the monumental gap in leadership in society, The Color of Emotional Intelligence is a vitally important and relevant read for leaders.”

Claude Robinson,
Founder/President of Onyx Strategic Partners, LLC.

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