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Do you smell something sour?

Do you smell something sour? It may be the toxic behaviors you’re tolerating within your team and workplace. Address it quickly before it ruins the healthy culture you aim to have. This might require you to “clean house”. Emotionally intelligent leaders work to keep...

Names are important

Names are important Yet somehow in this country, names are devalued, mocked, butchered, and replaced. I have my own story around what #mynameis that I often share during my talks. My name is Farah. It’s pronounced with a French accent — “Fah-rah”, not “Feh-ruh” (like...

Emotional Intelligence, Racial Trauma, and Mental Health in the Workplace

I consider it an honor to hold safe spaces for my clients in private practice and the corporate sector. In these therapeutic and psychoeducational sessions, I do my best to affirm, teach and challenge my listeners. I not only want them to learn from the content but...