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Stop Making Employees Responsible for Emotionally Incompetent Bosses

Self-awareness is a characteristic that those in positions of leadership should have. It is the foundation upon which Emotional Intelligence (EI) is built. You cannot elevate your emotional quotient (EQ) if you are not willing to be self-aware and to practice this awareness daily.

2020 HR Workplace Trends

In the last few years the conversation around workplace culture and toxic work environments has increased. In 2020 there are four trends that companies and their HR departments can better prepare for: mental health, emotional intelligence, advocacy, and work-life alignment. 

Emotional Intelligence, Racial Trauma, and Mental Health in the Workplace

Iconsider it an honor to hold safe spaces for my clients in private practice and in the corporate sector. In these therapeutic and psychoeducational sessions, I do my best to affirm, teach and challenge my listeners.

The Potential Problem with Perks

Many companies are on the search to find the magic formula that will decrease absenteeism and increase workplace wellness and productivity. These are great objectives however,

3 Keys for Introverted Leaders

There’s a gross misconception that introverts are anti-social; this cannot be further from the truth. The reality is, unlike extroverts, introverts get drained, not fueled, by social interactions. 

6 Ways Managers Can Reduce Stress Among Employees

Let’s face it, the workplace can cause stress. Some stressors are inevitable, however, managers and supervisors can miss opportunities to help minimize and/or prevent stress within their team.