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loan your roles but own yourself

Did you lose yourself?

Did you lose yourself? Was it in the position or the promotion? We must be careful not to affix our identity into roles that aren’t finite firmly. They are not our being. I find this to be something that many women struggle with when they become wives, mothers,...
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6 Ways Managers Can Reduce Stress Among Employees

Let's face it. The workplace can cause stress. Some stressors are inevitable; however, managers and supervisors can miss opportunities to help minimize and/or prevent stress within their team. Those in leadership are in a key position to create a healthy work culture...
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I told my new hire to let me know when she’s having a bad day

I told my new hire to let me know when she’s having a bad day. Why?  Because I know what it’s like to have a bad day and how it impacts your work. I recently shared that I'm currently managing burnout and doing my best to practice emotionally intelligent self-care. My...