Farah Harris: Founder and CEO

Farah Harris, MA, LCPC is a psychotherapist, certified neuroscience coach and  Workplace Wellness Champion dedicated to disrupting toxic work environments. Her personal mission is to help individuals and organizations decrease symptoms of stress and burnout, elevate their emotional intelligence, and improve morale by implementing strategies to create engagement, increase retention, and create healthier work culture.

Whether it be presentations, consulting or coaching, clients walk away equipped with the tools needed to improve decision making, increase productivity, boost confidence, and personal well-being. Farah’s dynamic and insightful trainings offer real-life applications that participants are able to implement immediately.

As a mental health practitioner, Farah is aware of the intersectionality between wellness, equity, and inclusion. She is a sought-after expert on topics related to mental wellness, workplace culture, and self-care. Her clients consist of CIBC Bank US, CISCO, Bloomberg GOV, Navistar, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Ferrara Candy Company, and LiveNation. Farah is a contributing writer for Fast Company and her work has been featured in media and podcast platforms such as: Forbes, Business Insider, Essence, Huffington Post, Inside Edition, Martha Stewart, Thrive Global, and Therapy for Black Girls.

Farah holds bachelor degrees in Economics and in Marketing Management, a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling.

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